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Our favourite routes to walk and ride

Providing access to green space is increasingly being recognised by central Government as a key contributor to improving the physical and mental health of the nation.

The Marlborough Downs is glorious countryside with long views, invigorating climbs, wide open skies and plenty of fresh air. The towns of Wroughton, Swindon, Chiseldon and Marlborough and many smaller villages border the proposed NIA giving residents easy access to very local green space. The area also plays host to many visitors, with Avebury World Heritage Site alone attracting hundreds of thousands of people each year.

The Downs are crossed by an extensive network of rights of way, mainly bridleways and byways, many of which are well - if not over-used, which has sometimes led to damage and to conflict between users, landowners/managers and wildlife. We are working with local Rights of Way officers to:

  1. Improve access options where it reflects local aspirations and landowners are happy to create new links

  2. Create a suite of high quality access routes where people can enjoy the Downs to the full with minimum impact on the landscape and wildlife that lives there We hope that by providing interpretive materials about the various features along the way people will leave with a greater appreciation of the work that is done, by farmers and others, to maintain and enhance the countryside in all its variety within what is essentially a working landscape.

Pictured below - Royal Agricultural University Students putting in a gate to allow better access to the Downs, working with a Wiltshire Council Rights of Way Officer.

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