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Key Supporters

Black Sheep Countryside Management is a small but thriving agri-environment consultancy with a broad client base ranging from individual farmers to Natural England, the MOD, and the States of Jersey Environment Department.

Black Sheep Countryside Management

With many decades of experience in farm environment advice, Black Sheep advisers are committed to making farms better places for wildlife, but are aware that this needs to be achieved within the context of a profitable business and a working landscape.  

Black Sheep was the driving force behind the delivery of many of the activities undertaken as part of the pilot NIA project and continues to support the Partnership by managing Space for Nature.  Jemma Batten is responsible for overall project management, Simon Smart helps out with events and workshops, and our admin and event coordinator is Debbie Scott.

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The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust

The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust will support both the strategic development of the project and individual farmers with evidence-based advice. Its well-respected advisers have access to years of in-house farmland ecology research and will enable informed decision-making on a landscape scale.

GWCT is a partner, a friend, and a lover of this landscape.  Most of all, they are an advocate, an ambassador for what this project is trying to do and how it represents the possibility of a real step change in the way we achieve farmland bird recovery and reverse the fortunes of wildlife on our farms.


GWCT's CEO, Teresa Dent, chairs the MDNEP, and Biodiversity Officer Peter Thompson has supported the project, particularly with respect to the management of downland species.  

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Wiltshire Council

Wiltshire Council is proud to have been invited by the farmers of the Marlborough Downs to become a partner in the Nature Improvement Area. We are pleased to be making our contribution to what is becoming a tremendously successful initiative. The aims and objectives of the Marlborough Downs projects fit closely with many of those of Wiltshire Council, especially the council's commitment to work with our partners to support resilient communities by helping them to achieve their own objectives.

Supporting farmers to manage agriculture, wildlife and public access to the countryside of the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, for the benefit and enjoyment of the wider community and involving a wide range of volunteers and professionals through the MDNEP is a new and innovative way of working for Wiltshire Council. It is proving to be a rewarding and inspirational experience. We will do all we can to ensure that the partnership continues to be successful over the coming years and to support the wonderful legacy that it will generate for the future.

A number of Wiltshire Council staff have been actively involved in the delivery of the project, most notably Richard Broadhead, who sits on the Partnership Board, and Countryside Officer Ali Rasey who has been involved in the Community and Outreach elements of the project.

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